Terms & Conditions

Refund policy

Customers using the online ordering system can cancel their order and they will be automatically refunded. This refund will not be returned to the customer’s card but instead will given as credit on the person lunch account. This balance can then be used for future payments on the system. Customers who want to close their account but still have credit can do so by calling 01452 380754 or emailing orders@knobblycob.co.uk where a manual refund will be organised at your convenience.

Returning goods

If you are unsatisfied with the quality of the product or if the product does not fulfil expectations we ask you contact us. However, due to the nature of the degradation and expiration of food stuff over time, the right to return does not apply in this case for long distance selling.

Cancellation policy

Customers can cancel orders easily through the website via the account/orders page. The system works by printing ticket orders out at our shop. If the ticket has been printed out and the order has been started we wont be able to cancel the order. The time between order placement and printing depends on how far ahead the order was placed. If its not possible to cancel the order via the website then give us a call on 01452 380754 and we will see if we can cancel it.

Delivery policy

All orders will be made and delivered on the day of delivery chosen prior to checkout and must be paid for immediately at checkout before your choice of delivery or collection can take place. We try to ensure all orders are delivered within the time slot chosen. If we are likely to be late with delivery to your business we will call or email to let you know of the delay.

If for any reason you have not received your order as expected, please contact us via the contact email on our website orders@knobblycob.co.uk

Personal Data

It’s our policy to retain the minimum amounts of personal data from our customers. Customers who want to cancel accounts will have their personal information deleted. However, we will keep some data for our own records and we will with approval use email addresses for the purposes of marketing. Its possible to opt in or out at anytime and we will not give or sell personal data to any third party.

Shires Deli and Catering Ltd

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Registered Office: 5 Red Kite Rise, Hardwicke, Gloucester, England, GL2 4DD

Knobbly Cob Cafe and Sandwich Bar
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Mail : orders@knobblycob.co.uk